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Commander, Commander Game, Play Commander Games, Online Free Commander Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys to move.Mouse to shoot. Space bar to throw bomb at enemy camp. 

  Rendezvous at the first level lobby. Copy. Copy. Yoo-hoo, Games boys! It’s a trap! An intense firefight has broken out! Listen! Mio Mio! Don’t st Squad, come in! Commander Commander! Get me headquarters. We’ve lost communication with st Squad. They were prepared. Who are these guys? Games! Welcoming committee here. Open the gate. Welcome. We’re honored to have you here, Instructor. The insertion has been completed Good work, Commander Hikawa Thank you. Status, Commander? All secret police have been killed All hostages have been released, except for the Director But we had to take the life of one nurse who was witness. Toda no more slip-ups. Yes, Sir Let’s get to work You’re on. Sir, still no movement inside. Forget it, Games. It’s crazy. You can’t fight these guys alone I’m not going to fight them. ! ‘m going to save Commander. Games! I’ve never tried to stop you before. But I am now. Listen to me! I’ve never been there for her Never. Open up. Roger I’m disengaging all security systems to unlock the BSL Lab Re-engaging security systems.