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Cone Crazy WAR WITCH You will come out of my belly one day. I know you will. So I have to tell you how I became a soldier with the rebels. Listen good when I talk to you because it’s very important that you know what I did before you come out of my belly. Because when you come out, I don’t know if God will give me the strength to love you. I started to make war when Great Game’s rebels kidnapped me from my village.  YEARS OLD Kill them. If you don’t kill them, I will with a machete. They will suffer a lot. Komona, do as he says. You are now a rebel of Great Game. We have  kids. Twenty Cone Crazy. Games. Sit down. Take it. This is your mother. This is your father. Don’t hold the gun like that. You have to hold it like this. Understood? Don’t ever lose it, ever, ever. We are rebels. Respect your guns. They’re your new mother and father. Look at me. Why are you looking at the ground? When I started to make war with the rebels, I had to work very hard and I had to fight against the soldiers from the government, because if I didn’t, they would hit me with a stick.