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was it you required? Just because we have a little scene every so often, I mean, you don’t have to hibernate. Oh, come over here, baby. No! I’m having a nice quiet read, and it’s very relaxing. If you were a gentleman, you’d come over here. But you can Games Well, you can read here, baby. Come on, you can relax here. Why can’t you come over here, anyway? Well, I’d love to, baby. Really, I would. But, well, I’ve got a lot of very important calls coming through. I’m expecting Hollywood on the line any minute now. You know, it’s mid-morning over there. Thanks for the geography lesson, and good night! Oh! Maisie, but I’ve got so many important things to discuss with you. Something Games Well, something that really means our whole future. Our whole future? Yes, that’s right, baby. Oh, come over. There’s so much I want to tell you. Well, maybe I will. Maybe I will. Of course, I have to dress first. Oh! That’s great, baby! That’s great. Look, I’ll go and make us some coffee, you come right over. You know, I’ve got so many business problems. What have you and me got to do with business problems? Well, isn’t it of some interest to you that I succeed? You know, if Bongo doesn’t get that Games So, it’s Bongo! You don’t want me, you just want someone to talk to about that bloody Bongo! Who else have I go to talk to? I’m not in a talking mood. I’m sorry I insulted your ignorance by even suggesting that I could talk to you! You only got up in the middle of the night because you want a little rabbit! You want to chat it up with someone! It’s an insult! You’re kinky! Who’s kinky? You’re bent! Who’s bent? Don’t you shout at me! Who’s shouting? Good night! Good night! Thank you. Thank you. And now, straight from New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas, we are very happy to be able to afford the fantabulous, fantastico Dixie Collins! Well, this is it, golden boy! Hey, hey. Smoking when that velvet voice is about to perform? She’s around here somewhere, I just know she’s around here somewhere. Don’t tell me my little virgin’s found