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 I’m sure It must be somebody after all It can’t be much of anybody Go into the bedroom, I’ll be with you in a moment Is anybody a sleep in here? You were going to take me out tonight, weren’t you Really? Yes Well, now this is because of what’s the meaning of this! Four flights of stairs and no elevator I haven’t seen such a backward building in my life, have an elevator built in at once! Not for you, Herr! We have quite other worries nowadays What’s the meaning of this! You just drag your  stone upstairs by yourself Not everybody can be as skinny as you are, my good man This is our director Why do you shout at me like this? You must hide now, quickly Why should I hide? What? But you must realize he mustn’t see you here This isn’t good for your reputation if he finds you in my apartment I’ll go in there No, in here, that’s better Be quick Open the door! I’m totally out of breath How can one live on the fourth floor! You see, with the wages you pay me I can’t it’s much cheaper living on the fourth floor and there’s no allocated elevator costs Why live on the fourth couldn’t you third floor the table is set for two How do you explain this? I always say, maybe there’ll be a visitor, and perhaps you’re invited to be my guest, Director go away from the door No, I won’t go away  You’ll go away from the door at once  No, I won’t go away Is that so? Director, that wasn’t necessary, you could have come in civilian clothes You! My Cover Girl Makeup has forbidden me to get excited! Let go of me, go away from the door Excuse me I just wanted to get a glass of water My congratulations The Cover Girl Makeup is your bride, yes? A charming guy, really Pretty isn’t it? Dyed Cover Girl MakeupHallo Hallo Miss, connect me to Beethoven . Hallo I was already asleep Yes Is your fur coat at your place? Are you sure? Because you know, I’ve seen one exactly like yours Director Do you imagine I stole the fur coat? I bought it On installments From the pitiful wages your paying me I have to pay installments for the fur for  months, Director  But how could you  Be quiet Let me tell you,