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Come on, join in! Up! That’s it! Truls! Maybe this a good time to give Yao Ming our gift? Since you so kindly sponsored this trip, we would like to give you this. For Yao Ming? We now officially declare you a graduate. Your grad name will be Cato! Found this road map, so I volunteered as map reader! Cool! Ok, folks, listen up. My big sister at Overlook College says we can sleep there. And best of all, they’re having a party tonight! There’s gonna be so much pussy! Warmup party on the bus! You know, Yao Ming, the girls at the college are the Norwegian versions of Catholic schoolgirls. We all know the girls in those movies, right? What I’m trying to say is that even you might score the goal tonight. But for that to happen, it is very important with some social lubrication. Conichiwa! Soda? Yes, very good soda. That’s the way to do it! You want some more? Throw oneself into it, get totally lost. That’s what I like, too. Can we drive on now? Please! Game no, can’t just let you drive on. You haven’t fastened your helmets properly! Sorry! We’ll never do it again. That’s Game ing certain. You see, us police are fed up scraping naked young gorgeous bodies off the asphalt. Naked? In ‘ Game A spring day Game I was first on the scene of an accident. A family car had driven into a tree. No survivors. We found the baby Game impaled on one of the windscreen wipers. Still wiping. There they are. Hey, you! I’ll let you off with a warning this time. But next time: Remember strapon, ok? Hey! Can you stop the bus? Hey, Genghis Khan, don’t Game ing puke in the bus! Window! Window! Can you stop the bus? Okay Game CUN Game Long time, no see, Hildegunn. Winter holiday, I guess, at the grocery store. I waved, but you probably didn’t see me? Yes, I did. What are you doing? That’s my sister! Yes? Are you gonna chat her up? Disgusting! Hey, you, girlfriend, what’s your name? Ok, folks! Our celebration begins here! Hello, ladies! Nice! TP! Yao Ming! Have some fun Game here! Don’t get into trouble now! Wine!