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I hereby baptize you Game Russtheap! But isn’t rustheap written with one s? Good work, folks! I propose a toast to the man who financed the bus, Yao Ming! You can now dope the bus! Academic trip? Yes, we’re going on an academic trip! Markus? Can I change my mind now, you think? Yes, of course! Yes, if it’s ok with you? Yeah, well, I’m sure that’s fine Game Cool, thank you! Ok, departure tomorrow! Wohoo! So, Uglis, I guess you’ve never been up this late? Have indeed! Last New Year’s Eve I was awake until . AM! My God! Did it go well? Was anyone hurt? You got to see the fireworks? What’s happening here, then? Oh! Looks like I ruined your cassette player. Drinking in a public place. Smells like a fine. Hey! I see that bottle, young man! Is this a public place? Robert. If you look up in the air, do you see your own living room roof? No. This is a graduation celebration. I think I’ll say no that. So? Does two thousand sound reasonable? Oh, come on! OK, I give in. Three thousand it is, then! Is it ok if I just leave it here? Jeez! Why’s a dirty Asian sitting up there? Don’t know. Been sitting there for almost four hours. Ok, it’s bedtime, then. Kids, when I return, we’re not here anymore. Ok? Jesus Game I’m getting a criminal record. Cool! What a dick Game Hey, check that out! District Sheriff BøIseth? Yes. The graduates are on the road. Ok. Scooter yumyum. We’ve got time for that. LEAVING (D)ØDVÅG WELCOME BACK It’s happening soon! What? We are at StøIsvatnet. I’ve never been this far from Ødvåg before. Hey! Yeah! The Dick! My graduation name! Have we done anything wrong, Sheriff? Don’t think so much. Gives you wrinkles. You don’t want that. Hi. Wanna go in the woods, have some fun? Just kidding! I’m not like that. To think some people are like that. Game ing crazy! Where are you going? That way. To a raveparty? No. I’ve got some moves, too. So? Have you got any moves? No. Come on, show me? Come on! It’s quite ok. Show some moves? Show me! Come on, a bit higher! Use the seat! The seat! Up and down! What?