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You pass her on the subway, in the hallway, maybe she works at your office, maybe she lives next door. It’s someone you overlooked, second-guessed, or mistreated. You will notice her once you stop thinking only about yourself. So I want to ask you all. You, my audience Take a look around. Don’t do what I did. Don’t blow it. Because you may find yourself in an empty house, all alone. So that was that. Good luck. INVITATION Headmaster_ invites to his planet. Beautiful, isn’t it? Delivered this morning. No sender. Probably some foundation, right? HAVE A GREAT PERFORMANCE Hello, headmaster. Come on in I’m glad you came. Good evening. Headmaster, I presume? Uh Headmaster_? Yes. Yes, of course. And you must be FlirtyGirl. Nice to meet you. I’ll tell you one thing. Your profile picture doesn’t do you justice. Dad, I need to Oh, you have a daughter? Yes. This is my daughter Her name is Zośka. I’ll show you to your seats. Just so you know, you’re grounded for a year for this. There were so many days That drained our strength There were so many moments