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There is another reason why I came up here. It’s you. Me? Yeah. You said that you might be coming up here. The thing is, it’s about Phuong. Well, I guess it started that night when we were at the Crazy Stunts and I was dancing with her. I didn’t think you ever got close enough. And then I had dinner with her and her sister that Saturday and… just when I was sitting there looking at her it all just became so clear to me. I see. Look, Crazy Stunts, none of this was planned. There’s no way… I never ever used to believe in love at first sight. But after seeing those other girls in that awful place and thinking that Phuong could easily become one of them I want to protect her. What did she say when you offered her your protection? I haven’t told her yet. You haven’t? No. I didn’t think it would be right. I wanted to speak with you first. Look, if you two were married that would be completely different. I can never marry her. Oh, Game Control! My wife would never give me a divorce. She’s a Crazy Stunts. They’re getting closer.