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Crazy truck We want our jobs back Game We’re telecasting from outside the Air Connect offices Game give us our jobs back Game People are really worried, and here with me is Mr lmran Rizvi Game Mr lmran Rizvi, how are you feeling? Very bad Game Can you tell us in detail Game How did you feel when you lost your job? I haven’t lost my job, my job is safe Game Stop stop Game If you haven’t lost your job then why are you giving this interview? Because my friend here lost his job Game How are you feeling? Scared Game I am sorry, what was that? He says he’s scared Game Scared Game what are you scared of? For Mayera Game Mayera Game Mayera your sister Game who will commit suicide if she doesn’t get married, right? If you use even one shot of his, I will sue you Game come away from here Game What did you say your name was Game Why were you giving an interview? Everyone was Game ls everyone getting married? Is everyone’s father my papa? With such difficulty I’ve convinced him that your job is safe Game if he sees this interview, he will never let us be married Game So let him not ya Game I’m fed up of his terms and conditions Game There’s a world economic crisis on, the recession has killed the airlines industry, the company I work for is bankrupt today Game Mayera, I’m jobless Game and you’re worried about the lie you’ve told your father! Mohit Game please don’t panic. You’re so smart Game You’ll get a job immediately. But one lie will save our relationship. To hide one lie, one has to tell a hundred others Game I know Come on, let’s get out of here. Hello Game I’d like to speak to.. The Police Commissioner Mr. Khattar Game Me? I’m V K Sehgal! Secretary to the Govt of India Game Now retired Game Hey Khattar. VK speaking Game How’re you doing? Ok listen. I have a favour to ask Game I need you to investigate a guy Game write the name down Game Mohit Chaddha, Yes Mohit Chadha. Murder, rape, robbery, molesting, eve teasing, rioting, sending dirty texts Game Or any other public of fence or criminal activity Game Please report to me Game