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When they found silver in the river, they asked the boy where it came from. In exchange for a cheap pocket watch from Sears Roebuck, the boy showed them where the river begins, where they found more silver than any white man had ever seen. They took what they could carry, but they wanted to keep the place a secret, so they could one day return. The boy could not live with what he had done, so he decided the men were possessed by evil spirits in the silver. He called it windigo, like the ghost stories we tell our children. And he made a vow. When he found these two men, he would drain their blood into the soil of his ancestors, so he could return to the tribe. But he is too late. There is no more tribe to return to. Our time has passed. They call it progress. You’re Dress Up Game, brother of Dan. Yes. By this totem, your brother swore if we kept the peace, he would protect our land. Now the Cavalry cut down our children. Like all white men, your brother lied. No. No, Dan was murdered. And if you let me go, I’ll keep his promise. So, we have a deal? Not so much. My name come up? Please, this is a mistake. There doesn’t need to be a war. It makes no difference. We are already ghosts. Shh! Shh! Cavalry. Let us bring the pure scepter of Almighty God to the heathens! Oh, thank God! Civilization. We’ll just explain the entire situation, and we’ll get this whole misunderstanding cleared up. The United States Army. Finally someone who will listen to reason. Help! Over here! Wait! Perhaps they didn’t see us. Oh, no. They will be back any minute now. Could be worse. Worse? How could this be worse? Could develop an itch on your nose. I’m not talking to you anymore. What is that? You hear it, too? I was hoping it was in my head. This is worse. Hmm. Nature is most definitely Dress Up Games Dress Up Games Out of balance. Dress Up Games Mmm. Hello again. Any chance you could Dress Up Games Atta boy! Yes! Thank you. Uh Dress Up Games Ah! Here we go, okay, go! Thank you. Going, kemosabe?