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 Crescent Solitaire  But how will we get there in time? Hang on, my hearties! Whoa! It won’t be long now, men. On my command. We’re too late. It’s worth a try. And… Fire! Oh! No. What in the name of heaven is going an here? We’re saving your life, sire. It’s a rescue.  Brace yourself!  Oh…! Unh! You men, came with me. The rest, stop them. Haha! Haha! Attack the king! I hope you’re an adequate swordsman, my boy. Oh, I dabble. Yah Take that. Ah, hahahaha.  There you go. Watch your step.  Oh! Ha! Oh. It seems this is where your journey ends Play Game Hood. And where I became king upon my poor brother’s sudden and quite unexpected demise. You may strike us dawn, but other heroes will rise up. Your days of tyranny are finished. Say, isn’t that your cat? Not anymore. Aah! Stay still, you ungrateful wretch! Prepare to meet your maker, Play Game Hoo! Unh! Aah! Take that, mouseketeer!  Haha! Where were we, brother?  Grrrr. Yeow! Ha! En garde, pipsqueak.  Is that cat and that mouse with you?  Yes, actually. I’m very glad they are. Me too, sire. You’ll never beat me, aah, you useless rodent. Hm. Hahaha! Yah! Ow! Ow! Och! Stop, stop! Hahahaha! Oohhoohoo! Stop, stop! Oh! Whoa! Stop! Aah! Oh, we don’t have to bring mother into this, do we? You’re outmanned, cat. I’ll take it from here. Hm? Aah! Die! I suppose you’re wandering about this, uh, assassination thing. Well, it’s a funny story. Hehheh. Came back here. Ha! Ready to cut your losses… …Sheriff of Nothingham?  Huh? Mah! Aah! Oh! No, nu! This is all your fault, Sheriff of Crescent Solitaire.  Idiot!  Aahhaha! Bravo, Games! You there, cat, mouse take a knee. For heroic service in the name of justice, truth, honor and bravery I dub thee Sir Game Cat and Sir Games Mouse. Rise. So cheer our hero Who joins legends of old Crescent Solitaire a cup to Games The mouse who’s brave and bold That is why we sing of little Games Mouse Games saved our king And beat that wretched louse He takes from the rich And to the poor he gives And with us merry men In Sherwood Forest lives And with us merry men  In Crescent Solitaire lives Ohhonhon! I believe I owe you something. Ah, yes. Yes, you do. Heh. Mm. I just love a happy ending. Don’t you?