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You in game ed up game ! MATT A dress designer. He wants to know what I look like. Alright, let’s see. Hello there, John boy. Someone once said I’m like an Irish version of Robert Pattinson. You? Liar, liar, pants on fire. I’m a bit old-fashioned. Can we chat a bit more before we meet? Mobile buzzes Elmira? Mrs Malouf. It’s me, Matt. Matthew. Elmira? No, she’s in the shower. Hang-up tone Manners! Manners, manners! Babe, who was that? Your mother. What does she want? What does she want every Saturday when she calls? That I don’t exist. You back on the chat room again? No! How else am I supposed to find a man? Not by pretending you have amazing abs, that’s for sure. Outrageous! Speaking of outrageous, what are we going to do about Johnny? Look, I know he gets a little bit over the top. Over the top? Psychopathic, more like. We have to leave, E. Ice really want us. They’ll let us do Arabian Nights. Whatever we want. Jaki heard that Johnny threatened to firebomb them if we play there. E! What is it with you and him? Stop. Make it bigger. JOHNNY Who’s that blonde tart? It’s the barmaid from Ice. Ice Those ing towelheads. Shite! That’s E. JONAS It is too. Boss, you can’t think E’s involved? There’s no way she’d do that to me. Mobile buzzes Oh. Looks like Johnny’s ears are burning. Jesus, E! It’s my fecking birthday. D’you think we can just last one day without talking to that psycho scrooge uncle of yours? OK, I’m all yours. It’s off. Let’s go. I need a coffee. Mobile rings JOHNNY Come on, come on. Come on, come on, come on. ANSWERPHONE Hey, this is E. You know what game In your pigsty, please. Not mine. Well, it’s not mine. Well, it’s not mine. Well, it’s not mine! Gasps Gasps E We are so in the money! Where did it come from? Who cares? Well, how much is here? Listen, E, what happened last night? Nothing. Jaki and I were wasted, so we caught a taxi. Which taxi? We have to give it back. Are you crazy? I’m calling the police. No you’re not. Give it! Matt! Screams Knock at door Who is it? GIRLS We’re collecting for the Give a Girl a Go appeal.