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 Cricket 20-20 Ultimate which number did you call? whay are you blabbering? i called your cellphone number only you called me on my cell? is it my cell that you are talking to? obviously, yes you’d sent me a text reading “call me urgent” i’ve been trying since and it was on notreachable i got the line only now Honestly you are talking to my cell eh? Are you drunk? No anu, am stuck in a house am talking from an old, disconnected phone Quit kidding Believe me Anu I cant understand anything thats going on two people are dead even their bodies are missing I dont know what to do tell slowly.what happened? Actually i came to deliver a Game anu anu anu, call the cops anu, please anu save me anu Lakeout right? My bike is also standing outside Game, dont be scared.be brave i will immediately call the cops Game? Are you in the police station? No anu you’ve called the same landline what? I called up the police station number only oh my god Something weird is going on there No matter which number i call, it gets connected to the same landline the lady whose dead her towel, the change Something’s here am feeling really scared Dont get flustered i’ll go in person and get the cops Sit tight till then i will be there in  mins Fast, please.get them fast i’ll surely come whose this? dude, am shanmugam speaking sir, sir hello? what? The customer called up saying there’s been no delivery Lakshmi said you never came home no sir am not able to reach you on your phone also Where are you? i’ve got stuck at the delivery place sir huh? Am not able to hear anything properly i’ve got stcuk……at the delivery place..sir what? in the house? sir are you able to hear me? crap network he’s struggling to speak Go and see if he’s fallen off the bike, somewhere on the way sir, no sir sir are you able to hear me? sir? what happened? there push the main switch om there’s someone in here whose that? WHOSE THAT? whose he sir? a crazy person? there is ghost inside sir we’ll leave Cricket 20-20 Ultimate, please sir, we’ll leave sir sit down Sit down! there’s a ghost inside Cricket 20-20 Ultimate.