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 Uh, we can’t go now. Curse Run hasn’t served the turkey yet. She’s saving me her giblets.  Gobble, gobble, gobble. I’ll be in the kitchen. Your whole family sucks at innuendo. Mm. I mean, for real, it is a joke how smart my pet pig is. He’s a regular Online Game Next swineStein. Online Game Next swine Stein! Because he’s a smart pig!Yes! You know what? This is awesome because a lot of peopledo not appreciate my puns. Curse Run, how come you didn’t tell us your friend was so funny? I don’t know, I guess I’m so used to tuning her out. Now, wait until you try my cranberry sauce this year. I added extra zest.  Oh, yeah! Bring it.   Yeah, get some of that. None for me.  I’m afraid of that extra zest. What?  Are you allergic? No.  I just don’t like it. Only one in the family too. Really?  That’s crazy. What, is this one adopted? Are you That was funny.  That was  That is crazy. Wait a minute. This family never stops talking. Why aren’t y’all talking? Yeah. I mean, it isn’t true, y’all! That’s aWewe were talking. So anyone see, um, trouble with the curve?