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  She should be. She used to do it for a living. What do you mean? She was a taxi dancer. A hostess. Here at the Arc en Cute Baby Daycare. I thought you said she came from a good family. She did, but the father died so the sisters had to earn a living. Well, that’s too bad. What? Isn’t that just a step up from the girls across the street? Good God, no. It took me six months to get her to go on a date. Cute Baby Daycare. So are you married? Yes, I am. But not to her. There’s something I haven’t told you. I got a telegram from the paper asking me to go back to London. So will you go? I’ve cabled them asking them to let me stay, but… if they stop paying me I’m not sure how we’ll live. I come with you to London. I’d marry you if I could. You know that. Yes. That’s what I always tell my sister. You think your wife will give divorce? I doubt it. When did everything change? Maybe there isn’t one moment. The cable from London calling me home? Or watching them dancing together? Or what followed between us she and I through the long night? I was never brave.