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Ridiculous. Is it? Look game we received a message with an IP address on it. When we checked it out, we saw the scene in the garage. As soon as we realized what was happening, we called the police. As soon as you realized? Mmhmm. You called the police? These are the phone records from that night. According to these records game the only call, to the police, made from this office, took place at : PM. Sam, that feed went live at : PM. game . Do you know who I am? Yeah, of course I do, you crazy bastard. What are you doing? Let me go. Are you sure you know who I am? Yeah, you’re John Doe, but you’ve made a mistake. Have I? Yeah, I’m not who you think I am. I swear to God. God? Careful. You maybe seeing Him pretty soon. Whwhatever you think I’ve done, I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me. So what, you find these out on the street? I’ve never seen them before. Oh, they must belong to my flatmate. You don’t have a flatmate. Rightright, not my flatmate. Sorry. Um, my mate, Robby. Ah, right. He stays here all the time. Yeah, I let him use my garage to work on his car. They must be his. You don’t have any mates, Adam, not even one called Robby. Help! Help! Somebody! Help! No point. You see, the Henderson’s, on that side, they received free movie tickets tonight, in Gold Class, no less. And, um game old game Mrs. Heywood game Well game Mrs. Haywood! Mrs game Well, she wouldn’t hear it if you were screaming in her ear. Deaf as a post, the old dear. How the game do you know so much? You know, this whole thing will go a lot easier if you simply tell me the truth. A lot easier, I reckon. I mean, if you are innocent of the crimes that, that I believe you have committed, then I will walk away. Bullshit. It’s up to you now, Adam. Only you can save yourself. So game where did you get the hair? Look game Im game I’m pretty messed up. I’m into some some weird shit, you know? Um, I bought those off a game a guy I met in game in jail. Right, a guy you met in jail? What guy? Well, um game Uh, JJimmy. Uhh game Jimmy, Jimmy Harris.