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Love it. I got shoes I got shoes Shoes to step on all your blues. When you do that rock and roll with me tonight Seems noisier here than outside. It’ll be quieter in a moment when the picture comes on. You’re not well Take a pill Do you think this sort of thing is healthy? Gee, that sends me! She bit me! Completely insane. First row? Isn’t this rather close? It’s the best we could get, Sir. Who’s there? Leonard! I’ve gotta kill ya honey. It’s for ya own good. Missed! It’s no use, honey. Our love has no place in this world. That isn’t true. We can go to Denmark. Stick ’em up! This is it! Let’s go. This way, Sir. I’ll get you a waiter. This is more agreeable. Not so noisy. Thank you very much. What are you having? I don’t know. I think I’ll have some caviar. What will you have? I’ll have the same. Caviar. Caviar! How? Look! Caviar! I think I’ll have something else. Have you any turtle soup? Turtle soup, yes. Turtle soup. Two. Who? Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! Soup! Good morning Mr and Mrs America and all the ships at sea. This is the o’clock edition of the news. King Shahdov, dethroned Monarch of Estrovia, who escaped his country with the treasury, arrives in America. King Shahdov brings to the States a vast fortune and his atomic plans in the hopes of revolutionizing modern life and bringing about a Utopia. Your Majesty, Voudel checked out last night and left for South America! Call up the bank! I did. They said all funds had been withdrawn the day you arrived. He’s stolen everything! Then we shall expose him as a thief and a scoundrel. It’s no use. We have no records, no legal claim. We’re broke, Jaume. You still have your atomic plans. Blueprints. It’ll be difficult financing blueprints. To think you’re accused of absconding with the treasury! I’d sooner be thought a successful crook than a destitute monarch. Very well. Her Majesty’s arrived and is on her way up. Not a word to anyone that we’re broke. Your Majesty, may I say that what small fortune I have is entirely at your disposal. Jaume, dear Jaume. If we can get finance