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Emil! Alastair! Do it now! Good show, Martland! Bit redundant, really, as he’s dead. Alastair, what are you doing here? I followed you. Wouldn’t do to have you walking into all this mess on your own, now, would it? Jock, give me the painting. Sit down! Drop the knife! I will shoot you. Yes, most likely by accident. None of you will ever know what it’s like to make love to a man with principles. Well, in my case, I can safely say you are correct. However, I never went to Eton where buggery is rampant. Oh, you were at Eton, weren’t you, Martland? Yes, yes, I was. Yes, I was! Please don’t be sick! Please don’t be sick! It’s the shellfish! You have it? Do you have it? Go! Go! I go, I go, I go! Valet! Oh, I don’t like that. I don’t like it. Close your eyes, sir. Give me the keys. Keys to the Rolls. Come on, let’s go. Well, at least none of us had the shellfish. Jock, please! My sympathetic gag reflex. Have you lost your bearings, man? Shellfish at a catered affair? I will have you two know that I had a firm grasp on things before you showed up. You certainly had a firm grasp on something! You dare to cast aspersions? I am not the one entertaining at all hours with a failed poet! At least my focus at university wasn’t plagiarism! Oh, stay out of it! Oh, I’ve got a sensitive tummy! There’s more, there’s more, there’s more. No more, no more, no more. I swallowed it. At least I have the good taste to hide my indiscretions and not parade them under everyone’s nose! So you admit there were indiscretions? I admit nothing! Then I deny nothing. Oh, shut up! Questionable attack, Jock. Spirited, though. I’m done. There’s their car! Where? There! Now we wait. Thirty seconds. Twentynine game Twentyeight game Don’t count. Better out than in. All right. I shall secure the perimeter. Why, this is an outrage! There’s not an ocean vista within miles of this establishment. Please don’t be tiresome. Jock! Are you quite finished with your barrage of insults? Now we heat the surface, reveal the codes and transfer the money.