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Semi-Asiatics, that’s what they are. Like the Saracens, Mongol subversives. And if things go on like this much longer, they will kill us, kill us all, and take over everything. Am l right or not? Hey, Pioppi? Talk, nothing but talk. l know what has to be done. Get rid ofthem all. But the new fascist movement doesn’t want vengeance. We want orderfirst. We are the new crusaders. And we must instill courage in our youth. They’re waiting for a sign from us. So let us give them this sign. Go on. Go on. We’ve already saved the country once. We answered the call in the trenches. And now we’re here. lt’s only right. When you start a new enterprise, you need a little capital. Total solidarity, eh? This is what ltaly needs to get the ball rolling. Not even a bastard would’ve done this. They work hard in the city, too, huh? lmagine the look on my father’s face if he knew we were here together. Yourfather, “Respect! Respect! Respect!” Yourfather is just a thiefwho longs for respect, like all masters. Really? Uh-huh. Wait till l become the master, because l’ll be twice as hard on you. And on that day, l’ll kill you. No, seriously, when you see my uncle, you’ll really like him. He’s much nicer than my father. He’s totally different. He’s more like us. Hear that music? l know it. Montanaro! Dalco, Olmo. Don’t you remember me? Oh, yourfoot. l’m sorry. Aren’t you Olmo, the bastard child? Really? Remember all the polenta we used to eat? Always polenta. Olmo! Olmo! Don’t go. We’ll talk later. We’ll talk later. Don’t go. Come on. Let’s give this lovely young lady a hand. Oh, uh, you don’t have to bother. Alfredo, it’s Montanaro. The one who cut his ear. He’s right there. See? Signorina, l bet you’d never guess we’re twins. Oh, you’re lying. You’re making fun of me. Oh, no, that’s the truth. We share everything. What’s his is mine, and what’s mine is mine. Yeah, that’s about it. Good morning, signora. Where are you going, Nicoletta? l’m going down. Service with a smile. Thank you. Where, signorina? On the table. Ah! Will you look at that?