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Why don’t we sign the PeacePact, and continue our activities in urban areas game Ok then, take another day to think game then we’ll talk game What are you doing out there? Ijaz Khan has been successful in getting all the politicians behind the dam I’m so disappointed in you All the years of training game All the efforts I’ve made togenerate your cover game !! All of it, is failing Lakshmi game You came into my care game When you’re just ten years old game I trained you, and raised youas my own You’re my triumphmy swan song game Dada game I know I am letting you down Just gameTell me what to do,and I’ll do it game You are one of our best agents,You should know what to do game It’s not just about the dam If the people of this countryrealized their potential this world shall no longer besafe for us game Don’t worry dada game I’ll not let you down game We’ve reason to believe that Pakistan is gonna be hit by a major terrorist attack Sniffing Do you smell a rat? You know game There are two ways game of killing game The SmartFuckingway game The first way is game to stab him right in the liver game and the second way game is cut the jugular vein game eight inches, across its neck WhisperingAbort Mission Do you know that a man with a knife is quicker game than a boy with a gun withinfeet Let me give you a lessonfrom my Book and my book says game Good wins every evil in the end You even breathe, and I’llblow your brains out You know what You’re right game Let’s talk game Lemme give you two options here game You let me go game I’ll give you all the money game I’ll let you live, and you go back to your sweet life game Option No Two, You arrest me I go to the jail I come back I kill you gameyour family game and I screw your life game Let me give you a third optionMy friend game Why don’tcha goFuckYourself game Are you crazy game You almost killed your sister the only family you’ve left game at least I am trying game Come, we’re late for practice game Do I make myself clear game YES, SIR. Major Mujtaba game I was told that you’d be joining us game Shooters,