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Sat on her father’s lap and put her arm around him. I said to the managers, She doesn’t need to go to rehab. She’s fine. AMY: My dad did actually go, You’re alright, no need to go. I said, Alright, Dad, I’ll go and meet him and we’ll back out. Which I did. MITCH: She didn’t need to go to rehab. NICK: I think that was the moment we lost a very key opportunity. I’m not saying it would’ve worked. Very often, you have to go two or three times. But she wasn’t a star. She wasn’t swarmed by paparazzi. We could’ve just ed Back to Black off, and Back To Black might have never happened, but she’d have had a chance to have been dealt with by professionals before the world wanted a piece of her. PHONE RINGING BEEP! AMY SINGING GUITAR MUSIC I never wanted you To be my man I just wanted to see what you can do Yeah No. Yo yo yeah The label were considering letting her go. She ends up coming back to Miami. Guy Moot calls me up, Hey, sure you wanna do this? I was, like, Listen, even if you dropped her, I would pay her to come to my house and sing ’cause this shit ing moves me. Many times when I tried to set you right It’s just too hard I never wanted you To be my man And she totally didn’t drink the whole time she was here. And she sat out in my back garden for, I don’t know, four days. She’d just take her little notebook and just keep writing. AMY HUMMING AMY: A. GUITAR NOTE All I can ever be to you Is the darkness that we know And this regret I got accustomed to Once it was so right when we were at our height Waiting for you in the hotel at night I knew I hadn’t met my match With every moment we could snatch I don’t know why I got so attached Took me a while to get my head around a lot of things. The actual turning point, when I was alright with it, was when I started writing the album. I write songs because I’m ed up in the head and I need to put it on paper and then write a song to it and to feel better about it. Have something good out of something bad. He walks away The sun goes down He takes the day but I’m grown And in your