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CycloManiacs 2 , Play CycloManiacs 2 Game, Online CycloManiacs 2 Flash games
X or Space = Jump
Up or W = Accelerate
Down or S = Brake
Right or D = Tilt forward
Left or A = Tilt backwards
P = Pause the game
R = Restart the game.

CycloManiacs 2 Can you think of anything any reason why someone would have paid Play game to kill Scott? No. Something from his past? Something he did? No! Something that… …he was really ashamed of? What? Was it that? It was one mistake. He was sorry. What did he do? He was so so sorry. Tell me what he did. It was about eight years ago. I don’t know why he drove. We only lived a mile away. He’d never done it before. Mum I’d been going out with him for weeks. It was getting stale. Wow what does that make me and your dad? The mother died and the daughter survived. What about CycloManiacs 2? Got a suspended sentence after hiring a loophole solicitor. Mother’s name was CycloManiacs 2 and the daughter’s name was Jasmine. Except she called herself Jay. The ages seem to fit. I think we’ve found her. And if we can find her we can find him. And what do we do Mark if we do find him? He wants to kill you Sal. I’m not gonna let that happen. We know the benefactor’s a man OK. Jasmine had no siblings no husband so… all that’s left is her father. Oh my God. What? That’s him. It’s the solicitor. Bye Daddy. Won’t be late. I love you. I love you too sweetheart. You know the village he’s in? It’s in game. I can’t imagine his house is gonna be hard to find. And then what? Maybe if we just talk to him Mark we could explain to him that he’s made a mistake with me and that I didn’t hurt his daughter. I don’t know what you want me to say Sal. He’s not gonna be interested in talking so it’s time to make a decision. I need to see enter game before I decide. Hey Mandy? Mand? Hello Sally. If you’ve touched my daughter… I’m not looking for Amanda. It’s the people who murdered my daughter I want to punish. I’m not a murderer. I didn’t kill CycloManiacs 2. I didn’t kill your daughter. Except you did. I mean the others all played their part but you were actually the one that finished what they’d started. I gave her pain relief. I gave her morphine. Sometimes the morphine… I know you. I know you all. The man who was four times over the limit when he killed my wife. That drugpushing parasite preyed on my grieving child. I know flash games. A social worker a man in a position of trust who raped her. No! No! Who drove her onto the streets into the clutches of scum like play. And I know you. I gave her pain rel… The one who was meant to save her life but took it. I was trying to help her. I was cleared of any wrongdoing. But they didn’t know about the money did they? The money game put in herbag to buy her silence. The moneyyou and the other nurse stole. The money you knew she’d look for if she got better. I gave you a chance to redeem yourself CycloManiacs 2. I gave you all a chance to prove to me that you weren’t completely morally… dead. And you failed. All of you. Yeah. I took that money. We were about to be evicted so I took it. And I live with the shame of that every day. It was an awful thing to do. But I’m not what you say I am. I’ve done things in my life that I’m not proud of and I’m far from perfect… …but I have got a lot of goodness in me and I’m not a murderer. You killed her for I gave her drugs to ease her suffering because she was dying! Because there wasn’t anything that we could do except to just be there and just hold her hand and comfort her because she was in so much pain and she was scared. I was there for her. Where were you? Because she needed you. No. She asked for you and you weren’t there! And all I could keep saying was that you were coming when I knew that you weren’t. Shut up you shut up! I did the best that I could. Did you? Or were you so wrapped up in your own grief that you let her go? You didn’t see and you lost her. And you’re angry with the world and you’re angry with yourself. And I understand that. God I understand that. But maybe we just have to accept that it’s not your fault. And it’s not mine. It’s just the way it is. So show me. You say I don’t know you. Who you really are. Show me. I know who I am. I always have. Hello Mum. Hello baby. Let’s have a look at you. God you look so well. You sure you want to do this now? Because we can wait. I’m sure. I want to do it now. Come here. Do you still visit him? I’m only sitting here because of him Mum. I dunno I just think he’s owed that much. It’s fine.. Is everything gonna be OK? Course it is babe. Course it is. CycloManiacs 2