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Dangerous Racing Not me, Mohit Game Go ahead Mohit Game Sir Game sir I love you I mean I love your daughter Mayera Humayun’s tomb or Taj Mahal, even my love will stay rock solid like these monuments for centuries and centuries Game Sir, you quoted the hand cutting incident, but I want to ask for your daughter’s hand Sir Game I want to marry her. Oh papa Game why are you packing up? We’ve not even eaten dessert Game Papa makes very good ‘halwa’ Game Papa Game crap Game Papa” papa wait Game Pick that up Game Papa, Mohit asked you for something, at least give him an answer Game Mohit come on Game Papa Game Mohit say something! Sir at least talk to us Game Sir we so coolly asking you for permission Game others just elope and get married Game Mohit! You want to marry him Game him Game he’s talking about eloping Game criminal minded. Don’t even think about it! The Home Secretary is my batch mate, the Police Commissioner of Delhi sends me naughty sms’s Game I can trap you in such a case, you’ll keep rotting in jail Game Bloody! Papa Uday Singh Game Sir. Put all this in the car Game and the rest of the stuff from that boy’s hands Game Check everything before we leave Game Come on Mayera Game No Game first say yes Game We’ll go home and talk please Game Look Mayera, the entire IAS crowd shows up here to picnic Game if this news spreads in the ministry Game there will be unnecessary gossip Game So come Game Ok then, I will never speak to you again. Mayera! Come on Uday Singh. Sir. Good girl, I’ll solve all your problems. Don’t worry! Come on. What is this? Emotional blackmail? What emotional blackmail? It’s just saffron chicken biryani, and then some delicious, sweet halwa Game that’s all. You think you’ll make my favourite dishes and get me to agree? Forget it! Ok..ok Game just enjoy your chicken biryani and forget that bloody loser. Papa he’s a Senior executive! So Game how does that matter? A senior executive doesn’t own the company, does he? How does that matter Game as long as he loves me Game Nothing happens with love Game Love is everything..