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I saw the face of the man who had invited. A tempter? The unfortunate Yum to his compartment. Though, he is a demon. He seemed to tell me: Keep your mouth shut! Why should he need me? I answered silently: You’re dead, you bastard. He could destroy all these parasites on his own. And I felt I ‘d taken the order as an ordinary contract killer: An invisible fireball start out of my head. Even though I had sworn I would no longer use my… and fly upwards I don’t know a proper word for it… my gift, perhaps, … to stop hearts beating I dream about my island; My New Atlantis. Go to Alma-Am You might find your parents them. That would take a lot of money. But beware of strangers. That’s why, once again, I turned myself into a lethal weapon” That girl we saw you with the other night, Misha.. And still I had doubts.. I was confused.. Go ahead with hen Look how she’s staring you! This is your food certificate to get food until you arrive Alma-Am. And your temporary ID. Since you have no other papers Hera. Good luck. Take Cara. Go ahead, Misha, have some fun with hen. Let least someone be happy. Are you all right, Mika?! When the train arrived Alma-Am I shouldn’t have done that I have never murdered on a contract I was immediately caught up in a huge police raid.. Police raid’ Run! You shouldn’t be sorry for them chased by policemen who looked like those. We clear the world of pests I had said good-bye ta. We ‘re like wolves who eat dead animals. Take him! All the USSR police seemed to have started a hunt.. What do they call wolves? Forest cleaners. -Freeze.f and I, Mika Polyakov, was their quarry. Time passed. Come on! After Leo’s death Heidi no longer cared about our dream to build the City of the Sun. Stepan regularly provided me with new orders but it was increasingly difficult for me to execute them. Sorry. Got you” I’m not a street kid. Hello. Hi, it’s Stepan” Take him to the police station! Have you checked everything? The client’s money is on the account. Charged with armed robbery. It ‘s all here. That means everything ‘s OK..