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You have to remember all of it. MUSIC TO BACK TO BLACK She would tell me stories about Blake and this tempestuous, extreme relationship. That first day, she wrote Back to Black, all the lyrics and the melody, in two or three hours. Black Black Black Oh, it’s a bit upsetting at the end, isn’t it? Rrrr game Boom, boom, boom. MARK: I love that. Yes, Amy. Yeah! WHISTLING MARK: It was just one of those serendipitous things. Like, I just caught her at that magic moment, you know, and she was just ready to get it going. That’s why I couldn’t understand what everyone else was saying about this procrastinating, troubled artist. I went out to New York to kinda hear what they were doing. And the day I was flying out, I got a call from management saying that Amy’s nan had fallen ill and she wanted to get straight back to her nan. SOFT MUSIC AMY Cynthia used to look after Amy. She was like the mother that I didn’t have. My own mother was not really motherly to me. So Amy and Cynthia were very, very close. MITCH: My mum died May th, . She had lung cancer. Cynthia was a very strong person in her life and used to tell her how it is. So it was horrible for her. That killed her inside. Well, hang on, I’m not playing this track now. Not playing this track now. I’m not playing this track now. I spoke to them and they said it’s just unnecessary. Yeah, yeah. Okay. We were making the back end of the record and we were at Metropolis Studios and Amy had bits of vocal to finish. Have I got any drink? Did they bring up that drink? It’s quite fun, really. An acoustic session? Never been filmed like this. I’ve never done it before. She was having a couple of whiskey-and-Cokes. We had broke for lunch. Amy had ordered this massive plate of food and she had a big dessert as well. She finished the whole thing off and she disappeared for a while, and minutes later came back a bit kind of dazed. And the studio manager pulled me out of the session and said, Look, I need you to come and see something. She took me to the women’s toilets and Amy