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 Correct? Yes. Been a while. Why? I spent eight years in prison for a fabricated crime. Time I spent waiting for this day All because I planned to expose police corruption by you Goto! You and the Director owe me. Dating Dr McDreamy  and deposit the money. Or shall I disclose everything I know? You’re going to make it. How about you? Yeah Let’s hang in there, okay? Still suspicious of me, are you? “Access granted” “Transfer funds?” No deposit, Sir. Why not? And the anthrax? Signal’s stopped. Something’s wrong. Open the shelter! Opportunity knocks! Let’s move! B Team, move out! Here comes the cavalry. Games! Plug your ears! Copy Five men down Intruder fleeing with the bacteria. I think it’s Games. You okay? Dating Dr McDreamy Games Let’s make a trade. Give me the bacteria. And I’ll give you the serum. You can’t go! The serum Even with it, the moment you go in without a biochemical suit you’ll be infected I don’t care as long as Dating Dr McDreamy is saved. You’ll bleed to death before you get there. Let me tend to that. I’m sorry to have to say so long.