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  to take the edge of my scalpel make a small make a decision right there. going to be intercourse incision. come up to that juncture right there again this joseph is show up on all. sides you can. scrape. tunnel and then go supper riaz chilly there. polio committee on only come laterally. as far as you think you’ll need to remove the mental health. you can you take. this joseph. and come over. into the other portion of the. letter other maria’s. and income over the spruce applying to a does have a sharp enough edge on it. to make that cut or. this recall the but knife as a guard on the end of it it. soaps over or what you want to get used to this too. being able to use the least number of instruments possible so. what we do is if you want to use a fifteen blade gently. when you come over into the other. decision right there. and then gently. cut that ligament. by going over the speakers septal angle. thank c_ it right here. i think it’ll show better from the other side since itself. deviated to the other side. there’s a superior supplying all that stuff is kind of sticking out. and i’m just going to go down over into my transection. and that will go ahead. sever this ligament. wait a minute tang gator runs. from the door some. right here. too. approval averell. pursues readings are valid. of the lower level colleges on each side and into the donor area here. or section that. so now what we’ve done is we’ve totally free. the nasal door some. undermined the dorsal skin here and then we should be able to take what’s called. a converse in esta drew tractor. no longer tractor here. and place it through either one of our incisions. all the way up. to the door some. and then go ahead and look in there. and see what we’ve got. mia single scandal kurt we will retract calling on the line. town we have a. pointer here all use. knitting needle. now what we’ve done also yours too. show you something. is that this is the caught one of the stuff. showing out at you we have made. you coastal tunnels on each side of the sup tum. using joseph elevator. so that we preserve this because right here which is the nasal valve. advantage to doing this has that now you can see that three components that make. up the supped on the upper level cartilage. it always has a little the here. doesn’t just sit right against the cell phone. and so it attach is a little higher same thing on the other side. this tunnel. and you can see that there’s three components the cell from you always have. a little bit. excess tissue on the top. right now we can look all the way up on the card what restore some. a little elevation. way back in the macro now he is my headlights. way back in here who’s the bony dorset. before that shows up. here where we’re going to show now his the. shortening. of the coddle under the supplements will shorten the length of the nose. this is an elderly patient so. and in those during the natural aging process to tip tends to group down. who wanna. reposition it in a more uh…. youthful. to put up manner. we start down here at this is the calm on the supplemental spine is not too far.