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Speak for the Dead? Sure. I played my part. And people have died. Yes. But, it was their choice to represent Speak for the Dead. It was a risk that they were willing to take as soldiers. “As soldiers”? Oh, I think that’s how they’d see it. Well, how do you see it, Sam? A vigilante is simply somebody who violates the law in order to punish a criminal for what they believe is right game for what they believe is justice. So what then do you call a country who sends soldiers to kill people in places like Afghanistan or Iran, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam game in the name of what they believe is right, in the name of what they believe is justice? That country is a vigilante, pure and simple. Only, when a country does it, people call it war, and nobody bats an eyelid. But when a country does it, they aren’t anywhere near as clinical or as careful game as someone like John Doe. And that country ends up killing thousands, of innocent women game and innocent children. Oh, collateral damage. So, you’re comparing what’s happening here to a war? Of course I am, Ken. Make no mistake about it. It is a war that is being fought. It is a war for justice. It is a war against crime. And it is a war with victims. I just want my boy back. How did that make you feel, John? It makes me sad. I feel for her. Kate Johnson is one of the many victims that you game have created. You game you killed her son. Yes, I did. And you feel bad for her? Of course. For him, too. How so? Uhm game I don’t follow. I feel sorry for him in the same way that you do game when you feel sorry for squashing aa deadly spider in your kid’s tree house. You don’t really want to kill the spider, but game you got to protect your kids. What about the lawyers? Let’s talk about them. Who was protected by maiming and torturing them? Yeah, that was unfortunate. “Unfortunate”? You don’t feel responsible? Was Jesus responsible for the Crusades, for the Inquisitions? Mohammed game was he responsible for /? This is too much. We discussed this. This is what you wanted. I didn’t think it’d be like this.