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Control :Use Mouse to play.

  You haven’t seen all the family portraits yet. She’s seen plenty. Let’s do something else. Checkers? Got regular, Chinese, the kind with the horses. Here it is… the last picture. You like crazy? You’re gonna love this. What’s that? The portrait place is having a special on Sunday. I thought we weren’t doing portraits anymore. Why? Because your father lost his mind? We have a new baby in the house,  and we are getting our family portrait, with or without him. Without. Look, Play Game, I waited too long to stand up to her about this portrait thing. Look at you. Even the thought of it turns you into a wck. Don’t wait until Hope’s eating her hair. It’s disgusting. Be a better dad than me. I’m going with a ‘s theme this year. You can slick your hair back. Maybe that’ll keep you from eating it like a mental patient. Hey, Mom? Maybe we… shouldn’t do, uh, thethe picture? What? It’s just, it kind of stresses you out, which kind of stresses me out, and, well, uh, there’s a reason why we don’t have a picture with everyone smiling in it…