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Game You want more coffee? Game Yes, please. What? Hey. Game Hello. Game Hello. If I knew we were gonna be racing, I would have worn my Livestrong bracelet. You know, this actually might be a good time to tell you that I had breast cancer five years ago. Oh, God, really? Yeah. Game That’s a tough break. I’m sorry. Game Yeah, it was. But it’s fine. I’m fine now, so Game I’m glad to hear that. So I see you’re perspiring a tad. I just ran K. Okay, my initial reaction is to say, “Well, I just ran a marathon. ” But I can’t tell if you’re joking or if you’re serious. I’m as serious as cancer. Wait, you just ran a K? I’m training for the New York Triathlon. Okay, we need a system here, some signs to signify. So when we’re serious, we have to do this. I love that. Okay. Yes, Adam, I’m serious. I’m training for a triathlon. Okay. Okay, you seriously scare/impress me. Thank you. And when we’re joking, we can do that. Did you just pay homage to The Sting? Game My God, you’re hot. Game No, you’re hot. What? No, you are. You’re actually very hot. Game Thanks. Game You’re extremely hot. Game Let’s do this. Game Okay. I’m just getting warmed up here. I’m ready to go now. How you doing back there? I’m fine. I’m just drafting. Okay. Doctor. Game Can I talk to you for a second? Game Sure. Yeah, you know, I just Game I really wanted to apologize for all the joking around and stuff that I do around here. You know, I think it’s really, to be honest, like, a defense mechanism. You know, for all the pressures we have here as doctors. Thank you. Thank you, that’s good to hear. I think it’s also a Game I think it’s also kind of a product of my childhood. My mom, God bless her, she’s still alive, but, you know, she was really sick a lot when I was growing up. She had IBS, bad, and the only thing that really made her feel better was when I would make her laugh. Apology accepted, okay? Now if you’ll excuse me Game Wait Game So I think we can go ahead and untuck that now. But that’s part of my intended ensemble.