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Hold on to the trunk and put your left foot on that branch. That’s right. And then the right Games yes, there. Very good. That’s right, put your foot there. That’s it. Sit down for a moment. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you in hospital. I hate hospitals, you see. Why? My brother Jesper was really good at school. Then he got ill. He was so much in hospital I didn’t get my homework done. Was that why you had to take year seven again? Did Jesper have to catch up on the homework he missed out on? He Games He never went back to school. Did he die? Mum wants me to be just like Jesper. But I’m never going to be like him. I’m glad you’re just the way you are. Listen Games You won the bet. And what did I win? I’ll give you a piggyback home. Cool. It’s bumpy. I’m carrying a heavy load. Where have you two been? I was hiding Games and fell asleep. And woke up on Jonas’ back? You were the last one to be found, so you won. Congratulations. Are you okay? Do you want to go and lie down? No, I’m fine. Come on, let’s try out the swings Why did you carry her? She’s ill. Then she accidentally touched him. And they looked into each other’s eyes, and there was a spark. For sure Tamara? Don’t you think Ina and Hans should be together? Yes. They look really in love. Yes, they look like they’re in love. I think they want to kiss too. Right. Everyone’s in bed, just like we agreed. Ina, can I ask you something? Sure. Are you in love with Hans? Is that why there’s so much tittering and whispering around here? He’s handsome. And a good guitar player. He is, but I’m not in love with Hans. Why not? Well, because Games When you’re in love, it’s a very special kind of feeling. Something you can’t quite control. Something magical. You can’t choose who you fall in love with, but Games You can choose to be serious about each other, and that takes courage. What do you mean? Well Games You step up with your heart in your hands, so you risk getting hurt. That sounds scary. It is scary. But it’s worth it. Now you have to go to bed. Good night, everybody. Sleep well