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  I guess I’m under the belief that you can’t control the weather. Um, you know, I hope someday we could control the weather. Power becomes an addictive thing. We’re taking what the Creator has created, usurping his authority, and bringing it under the authority of corporations. I’m worried that one person or one group would try to have that much leverage over the whole planet. I don’t believe that anybody has the right to play God, Demolition Dodge especially when they’re putting particles and chemicals into the atmosphere, which there’s unintended– and consequences that are known. We don’t know it all. We can not assume the role of Creator without dire consequences. This is not a good idea. And this is not a reason to take and do a test. The atmosphere and the earth belong to all of us. It provides the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and no one should have the right to own it. The biosphere is at risk from top to bottom. Though you have climate scientists calling for emergency geoengineering due to events like methane mass expulsion,