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 This is a new opportunity. It’s a new tool for investors. You know, even if, uh, someone has no interest in, you know, going on the offensive side and buying things, um, it definitely behooves them to be aware of what’s going on out there. The extreme weather is here. You know, and it’s not gonna reverse itself. The weather event has to be severe. Ionospheric heating, in fact, these instruments, um, when they were first utilized, which was in the former Soviet Union back in the ‘s– Demons vs Fairyland they started out then– they still call these ionospheric heaters because, in one mode of operation, you can literally create– above this instrument on the ground, you can heat an area — up to  miles in diameter in the ionosphere. So you heat it up, and by heating it, it literally raises it. So you can then imagine this column moving up several hundred kilometers out, and then the lower atmosphere begins to rush in and fill that vacant space, that void. And then, as a result, you’re altering pressure systems for, you know, Demons vs Fairyland quite a– quite a distance, which of course alters the weather.