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Still thinking of California and that fishing boat, aren’t you? Anything but this. I could have you fired for a crack like that. You’d be doing me a big favor. Game Kathy’s worried about you. Game Oh. Been complaining again? No, she just loves you, that’s all. She loves her job, that big position of hers. Maybe instead of a friendly chat you’d like an unfriendly punch in the nose? Not tonight, Pop. Then ease up. OK. Where’s my partner? He’s sick tonight. Same old earache, I suppose. He ought to have his ears cleaned out or chopped off. Ready to roll? Who are you? I’m your partner for tonight, Kelly. How do you know my name? I’ve known it for a long time. I wish I could return the compliment. I don’t think I know you. Well, you can just call me, uh, Joe. With a sergeant along, I figure I’ll do the driving. You might be a sergeant yourself someday. Game Not me. Game Sure about that? Positive. I wonder what kind of night it’s going to be. This car usually has it pretty quiet. Car , Car . Eastside ninth district. Avenue J. Second floor in the rear. Man beating a woman. The city at night. A million homes, three and a half million people all different from one another. People loving, people hating, people stealing, people praying. Same old shinola. Car , Car . The Starlight Ballroom Game a knifing. Probably some goon jealous of the taxi dancer. He spends ten cents and thinks he’s in love. The grief of a city. I’m sick of listening to it. How did a man in your frame of mind become a policeman in the first place? My old man, Sergeant John Kelly. Sergeant. He’s been on the force for twenty seven years. He wants us to be a family of cops. He pushed me into it. I suppose you had different plans? Anything but being a cop. That reminds me. I have a little errand. Do you mind watching the car for a few minutes? No, not at all. Be right back. Game Oh, hello, Johnny, come in. Game Thank you. I gave the cook the night off. Game Will you have a drink? Game I’m working.