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On Christmas day. Christmas day. I remember you telling me that your father passed. I didn’t realize that it was on Christmas. Charlie would have loved this. Surrounded by family, new friends. This is special. Scott Take your time, Mama. You are a big boy. Yeah, I play professional basketball. Big feet. chuckles Yeah, I, uh, I guess they’re pretty big. Big feet, big . gags Big feet, big . Say it with me now. Big feet, big . is a science. Look it up. I’ll do that. Steve Aunt Hildy. Hildegard. Hildegard. I’m just telling the truth. Ahem. Thank you for that. Something y’all seem to have a problem with, and I’ll give you some more truth. Oh, . All of y’all done lost your damn minds, talking about Charlie would be loving this. Charlie would have hated it knowing that his whole family done went to hell. I don’t know what you’re doing with that joker, Patti. Bitch, you Games mumbles And, Scott, are you really gonna go off on another tour of duty, put your mother through the wringer again? You just running from the pain, and you know it. I serve my country. How do you put up with these people? normal voice I don’t know, I told you I didn’t want to talk about this while we were at dinner. And, Theresa Games you got to get up out of the house, get a job, and stop playing with all them damn dolls! I’m not a doll. I’m a puppet. Don’t no man want to be with a woman that plays with puppets. That is right. I mean, it’s kind of true. She telling the truth. mumbles You, you just deserted your whole damn family. At least Scotty here calls his mother from Iraqi or Pakistani or wherever. You live in the same damn town, and she don’t never even see your ass. All y’all need to get your together. And you ain’t even got no big feet. I won’t say it. You say it. Little feet Games These are the s. Yo, are they serious? Mm-hmm. Theo Huh? Ain’t nobody have some of these. You all right, Patti? Oh, I’m just worried about my son. You know, I look at him, and he reminds me so much of his daddy, you know, all bravado and confidence on the outside