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 If you look at the whole of the southern hemisphere, over % of it is covered by oceans and these huge expanses of water have a powerful effect on the climate. That’s because water has an important characteristic. It takes a lot more of the sun’s energy to warm up the sea than it does the land. In other words, water has a high heat capacity. This means that, even in midsummer, and even with the added warmth provided by perihelion, the oceans in the southern hemisphere are still cool. And this keeps the air cool too. Die in Style Even at this time of year, when the Earth is physically closest to the sun, and the southern hemisphere is tilted towards it, the influence of the oceans keep it much cooler. It’s a sobering thought that without perihelion, southern hemisphere summers would be even cooler than they are now. The Earth’s slightly off-centre Games is a reminder that we live on a planet that’s hurtling through space around the sun. This journey is controlled by the immense power of the sun’s gravity. But the sun’s gravity is also responsible for significant dangers.