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Digging The Liberation You brought him along. Well, that depends on why Rodriquez left. He might have decided that this mission was all over Game Game and you wouldn’t be needing him no more. You got two mules to pull this waggon and you are not going to get very far It sound like you want out too. I told you I’d find Pardee. When and where you’ll find Pardee? I can’t say. Maybe in two more days. Maybe. Maybe never. And if what she says is right, tomorrow are gonna be too late. The Indians are gonna have those rifles. Now why don’t you just go back to Presidio. Now, you would just like that wouldn’t you? I give my big chance of becoming a general? Look Lassiter. I liked what you did back there. Maybe you did save our lives. Now, I don’t know what you got in mind, But if you want to get, then just get. Now, have you got some idea that she is goinna guide you? Well, I don’t know. But your are going on anyway? Yep. To do what? Do what we came out here to do. And you. You are going to go with him? Yeah. Well, are you planning on becoming a general too? Heh. That really would be something, wouldn’t it? Sergeant. I would be obliged if you would get me my horse Good luck to you ! Thank you, Sergeant. And good luck to you. About half a day’s ride southwest of here the Rio Conchos. If Pardee’s is not operating out of Presidio, the Conchos is a good place to find him. You get to the Conchos, follow it downstream about miles past the big bend. There is a box canyon with live oaks in it. Makes good hiding place for the waggon. If I find my Pardee, I’ll bring him to you. Thanks, Major. Major! And good luck to you, Captain. Good luck to you, Major. Tequila, heh? Dinero? Si Do you know many people here? Money! Molto dinero You have heard of a man Pardee? Never. He is a gringo. He is very rich. I am a gringo myself and I am poor. Like me. On the side of my father. This is all I have to remember him by It is bery nice, no?. Look. Solid gold. And this was Mother’s. She was a very nice lady, my mother. The chain is of gold too. They are all gold. Nice, heh? Senor, do you want something to eat?