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Just need to be determined with your will to overcome it. The door to the college is wide open. It will be full of wonders and excitements. Thank you for sharing with our students your experience of preparing for the exams. Any questions? Yes, Zi-Ming Lin. Mr. Zhen-Ting. “We challenge you to a game of pool.” Shit. Dragonball Z is getting crazier. Ya, the saiyans are weaker than my grandma. Right, and all those dragonball collecting Games And when they go to planet Namek Games Hey. What took you so long? I am buying some pancakes. The shop is not ready, I’ll get it later. Let’s be clear first. game only. No way. Best-of-five match. Ya, we said best-of-five. I thought it was best-of-seven. Damn, I don’t have all day. Best-of-three the most. Either that or I walk. Let’s go. I want a piece too. Me too. You are getting nothing. Hey. Is this your idea? What? Why does Zhi want to play pool with me? I am not that nosy. I don’t know what you’re planning. But, even if you like Xin-Rui, you don’t need to be hostile to me. It’s just about getting girls. A fair competition. What’s that noise? How do you feel now? Keep running. I thought you are good at running. Messing around when I am getting girls. Like being a hero? What are you looking at? You haven’t seen it all yet. Give him hell. Shit, you dare show up? Where you think you’re going? Beat him. I am so disappointed in you. How did I raise you? Hey, Xin Games Xin what? Is Min-Lu Guan here? Who? Min-Lu Guan. Over there. Thank you. What the hell happened? You promised me you’re going to study. And then you ended up in a fight. How’s Zhi? He is still in the hospital. You should worry about yourself first. You know? You are the first person I want to see. And the last person I want to see. Go home. You can go now. Thank you. Why did you fight? Talk to me. Zhi was getting beat up. When we got there, he was already on the ground. So Games So you picked up a brick and hit someone. Who won? Huh? Did you win or lose? Uh Games it’s a tie. You are not a kid anymore. I don’t have to tell you about everything.