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You know what I mean? I would go mad. Where are we going? We’re going to Birmingham! Why are we going to Birmingham? We’re going to Birmingham to sing songs. Yeah? And make merry. Oh, that was sick! That was sick! Get me, get me. Nicky, that was beautiful. What are your thoughts on how beautiful that was? My turn, my turn! Wait, let me get a really good shot. Oh, what a shot. Oh! She don’t even care. Watch it game watch it go in there. Got no light in here. Don’t get my spots in. What spots? LAUGHTER I love you. Do you know I’m zooming in? You’re zooming in on all my spots! You’re a ing cunt. Does my hair look okay like this? Yeah, very good. It’s lovely. Do you promise? I promise. What song d’you think I should do first tonight? Right, I think you should start off with game Ah, I love your little cap! It’s so cute! Um, I think you should start off with a song called game Oh, on camera. Okay. Okay. Go, sister. Go get done. Stop! SCATTING In my bed Yeah yeah game MAN: Could you please introduce yourself? Yes. Hello. I’m Amy Winehouse. I’m . I’m a jazz singer. I’ve heard your record and it sounds very, uh, mature. Is it all live? Also, not only the singing, but also the instruments? Yeah, all the instrumentation is completely live. I wouldn’t have any fake horns on my record. I think they put fake strings on Take the Box, but I wasn’t a part of that. I would never, ever have put strings on my record. Ever. And this guy doing the mix of this song, he just game didn’t even think about it. Okay, um game just a couple of questions. Um game Upset? Yeah. Oh, okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Um game There wasn’t a girl that had been gobby in the media for a long time. And she could be very cutting. Especially if she got bored or felt misunderstood. WOMAN: I dunno, it seems to me, though, that every woman who writes about, you know, kind of puts it down on a record doesn’t do them any harm. Look at Dido. I mean, she game she used that album to clean out her emotional closet. Did she? Yeah, it’s all about the break-up of her relationship and, you know,