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Dora forest Adventures And, you know, if Game when you take a stand like that and then, okay, start pushing the limits, start pushing the limits. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a place where you say, I couldn’t do that, you know. But, I think if you’re gonna Game for me, if I’m gonna turn down a patient, it should be because I think it’s not safe to take care of her. I think that’s the really the only reason that it’s fair to turn a patient down. To me, she sounds completely clear. Oh, I mean, I said, look, of course, you don’t want an abortion. Nobody wants an abortion. You have three choices. You can have a kid that you say you can’t take good care of; You can have a kid and give it to somebody else, who you know or don’t know; Or you can have an abortion which you think is the wrong thing to do. Those are your three choices, they all suck but you have to pick one of them. And she said, I am committed. She said, I am committed, three or four times. And I said, So, you’ve struggled with this decision and you’ve arrived at what you think is the best choice that you have available to you, and you feel bad about it, you regret it already. But, you think it’s the best of your choices. And she said, Yes. And I said, You want me to go ahead with this? And she said, Yes. And she said, I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. I’m committed. Okay. Maybe she just couldn’t bring herself to say, Yes, I want an abortion. Nobody, Game in’, wants an abortion. And she did great. She did. Hey hey, ho ho, WA has got to go! Remember that could have been you. It could have been you in that womb. It could have been you, sir. This is not a happy day for our nation and particularly for the State of Maryland. For today, LeRoy Carhart, now the most infamous lateterm abortion provider in America, has come to open his business here. We are gathering here this morning, as a witness for life. We are sending a clear message to LeRoy Carhart and to every business, and doctor’s office, and dentist office in this plaza, that we will not be silent.