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Thank you I’ll be back soon Very true! The director isn’t right in the head  Yessir  And he even fired Anita straight away Because we liked her She was so sweet I protest against the disfigurement of the accountancy Bravo! If that girl stays here I won’t be able to work at all By tomorrow, she won’t be here anymore How are you going to achieve that? You’ll see Your address? Tilsiter  What? Tilsiter, like the cheese Here you are  Would you take me up  Employees are not allowed to use the elevator I see Excuse me  Couldn’t you make an exception?  I regret, it’s not allowed You see, I’ve never ridden in an elevator before because LUNCH Lunch! Now I’m curious  I have a passion giving me lots of joy  Sometimes even causes suffering  I love kissing Please stay here But I haven’t done you any wrong Don’t you like me? Not at all? I’d like to be with you today Let’s go out tonight To a café Or somewhere else And then I’d like to caress your hair Just once over your hair, like this caress it You’re making fun of me Alright I’ve been making fun of you Miss Judge of Character herself Did I hurt you?