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Play Online Dragon Ball Fast Shadow Prince Free Games

to get my son back alive. What is it? You need a new rush? You’re not listening. Levi Barrett took my son because his accomplices your officers were gonna kill him. All right? Now I’m begging you. That money is the only way to get Danny back. Why don’t you just pay him out of your own pocket? Because that’s not what he asked for, this isn’t a normal ransom situation. Of course not! You’d rather give him other people’s money. Just let me take this money and go get my kid. Please. And then once he’s safe, you can do whatever you want with Levi Barrett. Hey, hey, hey! You do not call the shots. DOOR OPENS, CLOSES MARVIN’S RADIO CHATTERS You ready to get your son? You’re not taking me in? Levi’s expecting you this morning. The longer we wait, the more suspicious he becomes. He’ll think either you’re not coming, or you went to the police. You’re just gonna do this alone? No back up? I got you and the money. What else do I need? Let’s go. ENGINE STARTS SCREAMING SNORING MUSIC PLAYING I don’t blame you for not grabbin