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And turn out the lights. See you tomorrow. She is in love. She just doesn’t dare to admit it. Anja, wake up, it’s breakfast time. My head hurts. Bearing in mind the way we divided up the teams, we’ll allocate you Games Can I play midfield? Sure, Fredrik. Can I play midfield with Emma? Okay. Shouldn’t Anja have a say? She’s having a rest. She was tired. Let’s see Games Fredrik midfield Games Hi. Hi. You coming along today? I don’t know. I’m not exactly on top form. But it’s my own fault. What is? That I’ve got such a headache. Mum told me to take it easy. Mum drives me nuts sometimes. My mum’s worse. She treats me like a baby. She’s scared all the time. She calls you quite a lot. Yeah Games But you don’t have to do as she says all the time. No. No. Will you come along if we both act as strikers? Do you mean that? Yes. Cool. See you later. Bye. Look who’s here It’s Anja Anja Pass it to Anja Yours Pass it Anja Hey, Anja? Anja? I’m going to phone your mum and dad. Can I have some water? Let her rest now. But I want to give Anja something. Okay. Thanks. I miss my hair. I want hair. Then I’ll give you some. You’re nice. Thank you. The destructive cells, the bad guys, have spread to your brain. So I’ve got leukebummer in my head? I climbed a tree. That’s not why this has happened. I climbed all the way to the top. That’s not the reason. But I don’t want to die. I’m going to do everything in my power to make you well. Okay? Anja can’t come back to school for a long time. She needs more treatments than she had last time. Is Anja going to get well? We don’t know, Lars. If she dies, God will look after her. She’s not going to die. There is no God. Yes, there is There isn’t Everybody can believe what they want. Mum says that when someone dies, they come back as something else. Then I’d like to be a bird. Shut up Don’t you understand anything? There is no God. If you die, you die. Move over. Trying to make a hole in the wall? I’m training, can’t you see? But we need a blood sample.