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Countdown to ignition has begun. Maura, what are we going to do? Why are you asking me? You’ve been listening to this stuff all day. Some of it must have rubbed off on you. Maura It might as well be Swahili. grunting computer voice System error. Maura Nothing’s working! computer voice Stage red. Two, one, lift off. engine rumbling screaming screaming Hoof it, Alice. Show us what you got. I really should do a little stretching first. Dance. Okay, here we go. humming Come on, Alice! Okay, that didn’t work. alarms beeping alarm buzzing grunting screaming Deep Evo! Good bye, buddy! screaming Maura All the creatures are being released. What about Nathan? Nathan! groaning grunting screaming All the doors opened but Nathan’s. We were so close. Can’t believe I caused all of this. It’s all my fault. It’s over, Deep, let’s go. screaming Lose something, guys? all Huh? Hey, where am I? gasps You’re alive! laughing Why do I smell like whale tongue? Deep chuckling You had us worried there, buddy. I’m okay, though I’m not so sure about this. cheering But we’re not done yet. I have a friend to save. Let’s hope we’re not too late. Now, let’s move my little friends. screaming Um, could you stop that? Sorry, it happens when I’m nervous. Quiet, quiet everyone. I had hoped that Deep would have found Nathan and saved us by now. I can only say, that I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do. It’ll all be over soon. screaming Deep Grandfather, are you there? Deep? Deep, it that you? chuckles Not just me. Kraken? Nathan. Well, that’s a voice I haven’t heard in a while. Whiney as ever. Oh, yeah? Well, unless you can move these rocks, you won’t be hearing it again, you fathead. both laughing screaming Everyone, out of my way. grunting Come on, Nathan. You can do it. screaming Come on. No, don’t stop. It’s no use. This pile won’t come free unless it’s loosened from the middle. I’m going in. both What? You’ll be crushed. Deep, thank you for trying, but I don’t want you to see this. Please, just go. No way. Look, I caused all of this and I’m gonna fix it.