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But how can you be sure Inara don’t just wanna see you? Sometimes people have feelings. I’m referring here to people. You all were watching, I take it. Yes. Did you see us fight? No. Trap. We’re about miles from the Training House, and nobody on radar. If the Alliance is about, they’re laying low. They’re about. Find us a home. I’ll take the shuttle a little closer. Zoe, ship is yours. Remember. If anything happens to me… or if you don’t hear from me within the hour… you take this ship and you come and you rescue me. What? Risk my ship? I mean it. It’s cold out there. And I don’t wanna get left. Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and… Mal! What are you doing here? Well, you invited me. I never thought for a second you’d be stupid enough to come. Well, that makes you kind of a tease, doesn’t it? You knew my invitation wasn’t on the level. Which led me to conclude that you must be in some trouble. I’m fine. I’m giddy. For a woman schooled in telling a man what he wants to hear… you ain’t much of a liar.