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SPEAKING IN SPANISH No, you guys. I hate to do this, but you know, Johnny. Come on. Leave me alone! Come on. What do you mean by this? Now they all know what I am. And that should make you happy, Johnny. It’s no use just you knowing it. Now they all know that the mighty Johnny Farrel got taken! And that he married a Game Ahh! The German has been arrested. He will give us the information we want. Now all we want from you are the patents and the agreements bearing the signatures. Let me tell you why we must know who these signers are, Mr. Farrel. So they can be prosecuted legally for breaking the antitrust laws. You didn’t hear a word of it, did you? All you can think of is the way Gilda looked at you when you struck her. You two kids love each other pretty terribly, don’t you? I hate her. That’s what I mean. It’s the most curious lovehate pattern I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. As long as you’re as sick in the head as you are about her, you’re not able to think about anything clearly. All right, Mr. Farrel. You’re under arrest for illegally operating a gambling casino. I’m gonna let you stay here under protective custody. Send for me when you can’t stand it anymore. I intend to have those signatures. I can outwait you, Mr. Farrel. You see, I have the law on my side. It’s a very comfortable feeling. It’s something you ought to try sometime. JOHNNY: Eight left, right, two left, right. You got that? I’ve got it. That’s the combination to the safe. There’s everything in there you want, and there’s nothing that I want. No, that’s at the casino, waiting. When you finally sent for me, I sent for Gilda. She’s going home, you know. Home? Clear home? The least you could do is say goodbye and wish her luck. She makes her own luck. How dumb can a man be? Do me a favor and get out of here before you realize what a heel you’ve been. I couldn’t bear to see you break down and feel like a human being. I’m a very sensitive man, for a cop.