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Caroline, can I ask you about something? Of course. You’ve had a boyfriend and stuff, and are more experienced with boys. Yes, most likely. What do you want to ask? How can I pick up a guy here tonight? All right, I’ll show you exactly what to do. Ok? Well, it’s the freedom, then Game That is, metaphorically, literary Game rhythmically, ehh Game Aargh! Booring! Game but now I’m only talking about my things. So, have you read anything good lately, or what? Yeah, I read almost flawlessly in the Norwegian class the other day. The teacher actually praised me! Dooleyshot? Where did Caroline go? Forget her, check out that harem sitting with your sister. Now it’s “How you doin'” mode! Let me introduce my little brother Markus and his partner in crime Robert. Yeah, well, we’re not Game Bruce Wayne, a pleasure! He’s Robin. Which German painter has made the painting “The Wanderer Above The Mists?” Caspar David Friedrich. Hi! How are you doing? Going well! Caroline gave me some pickup moves. I think I’ll test them on that guy. Who are you, really? I’m Truls, this is Vigdis. Let me rephrase. What are you doing here? Answering questions. Maybe you should give it a try? Don’t mind him, Truls. No, not just now. I thought maybe you and I could go outside and have a little chat together! Care to? No? Then maybe you graduation lice should show some respect for your elders. Do you remember the summer when you ran naked through the lawn sprinkler? They come running into the kitchen, all hyped up because Game Robert got his first erection! Markus was jumping up and down, then you bent down Game It wasn’t that funny! All right then, time to say thank you! This party is dead anyway Game We’re going back to the bus. Wait. Nighty night! Kjellis, we’re going to bed in the bus. OK, give me half an hour. No, Game it! Ten minutes! Yup, OK. Just as well, I’m fed up trying to drink you into looking good. Boring! Yes! Folks, the caretaker has left! We couldn’t really expect that the student wannabes should fix a real party.