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Pissed off or jealous? They could have snuck up on you! Don’t you ever grab me! I grabbed your ing jacket. That’s the only thing I have ever asked you, in all of the years that we’ve been friends. What happened under that tree? I don’t know. RYAN OFFSCREEN I know you saw something. What did you see? What did you see? DOOR BURSTS OPEN Hey, get in here. Hurry up! EVE OFFSCREEN There’s something big in this wall. I just think that tree lets critters inside the framework. I mean Game LOW RUMBLING AND SCRAPING What the hell is that? CHITTERING We need that flashlight. OK. Ready? Aahh! CHITTERING WHISPERING Ready? Hey, you’re not gonna kill it. CHITTERING CLANGING I can’t see anything. Come on, you’re torturing it. BANGING ON DUCT CHITTERING BANGING ON DUCT EVE OFFSCREEN Nick, stop it. This is cruel. I Game what? I just want to see what it is. Well, you don’t know what it is. It could be Game it could be dangerous. BANGING ON DUCT Back up, back up, back up. WHISPERING What are you gonna do? Ryan! THUD SCREAMING What the Game the ? NICK OFFSCREEN What did we do to it? We popped it like a zit. NICK OFFSCREEN Jeez. There’s nothing in there but goop. Holy, holy Game . Guys, shouldn’t someone be outside watching the house? Yeah. She’s right. I’ll take the back. I’ll take the front. Nick, I don’t want to be here. I’m serious. I have a really bad feeling about this. LILLITH OFFSCREEN Come on. We should stay where it’s warm. EVE OFFSCREEN We shouldn’t stay here at all. EVE AND LILLITH ARGUE QUIETLY DISEMBODIED FEMALE VOICE SING-SONG Nicky INAUDIBLE . Peekaboo, I see you. WHISPERING I’m down here. My little Nicky. I remember when I used to call you that. Mom? What are you doing in there? We’re all trapped in here. Your father, Nicky. He’s trapped in here, too. The door to the cellar Game you need to open it. Are you really my mother? Look at me. I can’t. I’m not beautiful anymore. Why? What do you mean? HISSING I mean, tell your friend to stop swinging that goddamn bat!