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He’s a heart surgeon, right? He’d be a healthy eater. I’ve got this. Aren’t they harder to cook? You boil and drain, minutes. I’ll do everything else, you just stuff it in the microwave. Are you sure he’s not married or something? No, I’ve checked him out. So what is it that you like about this man? He doesn’t treat me like a princess. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know who I am. Maybe he doesn’t. He might be very badly informed. Can we be of an assistance, sir? Yes. Cheers. Are you working tomorrow? Not at the hospital. I’m writing a paper from Monday morning, it’s part of my thesis. I have to be home by midnight. How do you relax? Doing such a stressful job? I listen to jazz. I’m not sure I like jazz. You should go to Ronny Scott’s. I can’t just go places, you know. It’s not the same listening to records. Jazz is in the moment. You have to be there, it’s improvise. Just like life. My life is completely regimented. You mean you’re told where to go and who to shake hands with? Exactly. But within that framework, you improvise. You look at someone for a clue as how to start a conversation. And you let it flow from there. You improvise all the time. And if you can improvise Game You like jazz. I’ve got to check on the supper. Pretty hot stuff, eh? Games What? You in the kitchen. Yes, hot stuff. You can say that. Hot stuff Game So hearts can’t actually be broken? A heart can receive a shock so violence it never recovers. Yes, but can they actually break? My colleagues might disagree Game But I believe for instance that Maria Carlos died of a broken heart. You don’t like my food. No. No, it’s lovely. You’re obviously very good. Come on. What kind of food do you really like? You couldn’t make me a hamburger, could you? I’m not sure you can actually make hamburgers. Oh dear. I could send out for one. Very good. Yes, I can see. Do you mind? No. I bet you give your patients lectures about that. About what? Games Smoking. Of course. But you don’t lecture yourself. I’m not the patient, I’m the doctor.