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 He’s an asshole, okay? He’s disgusting. He’s he’s ugly. No. Not ugly. Fine, he’s Steve Gamesg Dream Wedding Hidden Objects. The point is, he’s helping you with the mortgage. Gee, I wonder why. Flash Games? Flash Games? Flash Games- More coffee? No, just the check, please. Sorry. Enter Game. Hi there. Excuse me, I have to pee. Ohh. Oh, god. God, I was-I- I thought he was taking a nap. I know. I was so worried. Is he okay? He’s fine. He’s home. I- I just-you know, you just turn around for a second, It’s like- Sophie. This isn’t gonna work, is it? What, you’re, uh You’re just firing me? What, you didn’t think I would notice? I can’t leave him here with you like this. And I can’t have him out there. He’s not out there, okay? He wouldn’t be just out there. I- I can keep him safe. Fine. You know what? Whatever. Games it. Games it. darling, please don’t go eyes in heaven below and when the winds go finally a storm Do you have a minute? I messed up. I know that. And I really need this job. I need to- I promise I’ll keep him safe. Dream Wedding Hidden Objects, you can’t. You’re- She found my pictures. She did. In the oven. She found ’em, like she said.